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Who Unfriended Me On Facebook

Who unfriended me on Facebook you ask? A friend of mine wanted to know the same thing, problem was, she had over 500 people on her friends list which meant she would have had to go through all of them individually, even then she would have had to remember who was all in there on the first place. Not an easy task!
unfriend finder
I am going to tell you the easiest way to find out who has removed you from their friends list, but before I do, it’s worth mentioning that you should stay away from the apps on facebook that claim to notify you when someone unfriends you. They’re against Facebook’s privicy policy, so the ones that do work (if any) are quickly removed. The rest are purely there to steal your personal information and your friends list, it’s part of a “black-hat” marketing technique.
A great way of finding out who unfriended you on facebook is Unfriend Finder. It’s a browser add-on that will notify you when someone removes you from their friends list, just like the notifications you get when someone sends you a message or adds you as a friend. It will also notify you if someone is ignoring your friend request. Read on to find out how to use it.
**NOTE**: If you somehow have any trouble with this, or if you’re a Safari user, you can read my other post about the Social Fixer browser extension called It tells you who unfriended you in much the same way as Unfriend Finder, but it adds other features and enhancements to Facebook. If you’re not interested in social fixer, keep reading…

Who Unfriended Me – Step 1

If you’re not already using Google Chrome or FireFox, you should download one of them, both are today’s leading web browsers.
FireFox users will need to install and add-on called GreaseMonkey, go to step 2.
Google Chrome users like me can go to step 3.

Who Unfriended Me – Step 2

In order to use the Unfriend Finder script in Firefox, you’ll need to install GreaseMonkey which is an add-on for Firefox. You can get it from the Mozilla add-on page. Simply click the Download Now button, then Install. That’s it, GreaseMonkey is now installed.

Who Unfriended Me – Step 3

The final step is to install the Unfriend Finder script, head over to UserScripts. Simply click the green Install button at the top right-hand corner. A box will then pop up, just click Install, that’s it. The next time you visit Facebook you’ll see a little button up top called Unfriends, as shown in the picture bellow.
unfriend finder image


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