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New 10 Cool Facebook tricks.

post by GuRi

1.Cool java script code that fly images on the web page.
Copy and paste bellow script on your browser address bar and hit enter.This is a cool java script that can fly any pictures in the web page that you are in.First go to your facebook home page and paste bellow code on your address bar(after deleting address bar web page link) and hit enter or click “go’” button on your web browser.After you did this all the images on facebook (that are display now on facebook page ) will fly in a cool way.To stop this refresh the page or click close button on your browser.

javascript:R=0; x2=.1; y1=.03; x1=.35; y2=.14; x2=1.4; y3=.23; x4=299; y4=201; x5=301; y5=201; DI=document.getElementsByTagName("img"); DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=1; i-DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position='absolute'; DIS.left=(Math.sin(R*x1+i*x3+x4)*x4+x6)+"px";*y1+i*y3+y4)*y5+y6)+"px"}R++}setInterval('A()',6); void(0);

What’s happening from this code ?
This is only a java script .Java script  are use to get dynamic to a web page  .Java script can do what html can’t do.Someone's think that java scripts can get their passwords or email address .So they didn’t do these things.But any web page or web codes or javascript can’t get your password or email with out your help ( only the can get it you enter them some ware) .I’m going every ware(to other subjects) when I post something don’t be angry with me.I think you will learn something.
Note:you can do this not only on facebook but also any webpage that contain images.
2.Write Upside down letters on facebook statue updates.
This trick is not soo new and some of you are know about this early because I post about this early.But for post compatibility and unknowns knowledge I post this here again.
How to write upside letters ?
write upside down letters converter

It’s so easy there is a tool for it .First go to “Upside Down Letters converter “ and type something on the top box and upside down letters are automatically display on the bottom box.
This script also powered by java scripts.How power it have ?.When you type a word on the top box java script recognize the word and find upside down letter Unicode from the list and display it on the bottom box.Some time  you can see bottom box text has nothing any letters but some squares.If this happen we can  understand that your browser not support for Unicode.So you must install it or update your browser.I  think you haven’t do anything because  all the new browsers support to Unicode.But your mobile sometime didn’t support.
Note:After convert letters you can publish not only on facebook statues but also myspace,twitter and many of social networks support for these letters.
3.Link that goes to facebook user profile (who click it ).
This is another cool trick that I did 3 or 5 months ago.This is also working today I' have just check and write this.Copy bellow code and put it on your statue update,massages,comment,or any ware you like.Want to know how it happen ?? This link is a broken link and its same to some one’s profile link  facebook developers make their coding on their server when some user enter some broken link it will goes to their own profile automatically.I think you have some experience same to this.What’s it? When you click on deactivate (profile) link you will goes to facebook home page.Or some fan page that was already deleted you have  goes to facebook home page(In web developers word rack they say “page  redicating system “ for this reason).
 Bellow is the link :

4.Update Your statue update  with Some words that are BLUE in color.
This trick is coming soon one and I will put it here first time.But there has some disadvantage because this text are like links user can click on them and when click it goes to broken link on facebook.But this is so cool for some time.We can highlight some important words  from your statue update by doing this trick.
Code :

@@[1:[0:1: type here anything that you want to show in blue]]
*Important:I can post 20 tricks here but I post 10 because all’s are not trust and I’m not test them yet (I can’t trust some software because we can’t see what codes that contain .When I come first to the internet I found  a new cool software that give from high  rank web page(it had lot of reviews ) but after 6 months I had a attacked by a botnet.
5.Show Your own icon (profile picture ) on comments, Chat box or any ware.
This is another cool trick that give you your own icon to use any ware.On this code you can put your profile picture as a icon that’s not link only a icon.You can also do this for your friends .First to do this you may know your profile id .It can be a name or some number.How you find it ? Go to your profile page and see the address bar copy the text after (see the picture bellow ).
facebook username addressbar

Copy your id or name (see the red color in above picture) and paste it between “[[“ and “]]”.For example put [[zuck]] on comment or chat box will show Mark Elliot Zuckerberg’s profile picture as a icon.


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