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Common mistakes in blogging

New bloggers has less knowledge of blogging and they do lot of mistakes which old bloggers don’t do this. But the very big problem in front of new bloggers are they don’t know, which blogging mistakes to avoid at the time of blog writing in a effective way. There are lot of Common mistakes in blogging by newbies. Here we are describing in details which Common mistakes in blogging by new bloggers here.

Top 10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid by Bloggers

1 –  Multi Topic Blogging -
Avoid to make a blog which is multi topic blog. Try to make blog on single topic.
2 – Over SEO of Blogs -
Doing over seo is harmful for ranking of the blogs in the search enignes. We recommend to do this blogging mistakes to avoid.
3 – Not Updating Blogs -
No Proper updation of blog make blog dead. So try to update blog regularly by writing new posts consistently.
4 – Blogging for Money Only -
Blogging for Money is going to make you fail in blogging….. So just do blogging to solve problems of your readers and to guide them also.
5 – Not Accepting Comments -
If their is no facility to take comments in your blog then quickly solve this problem. I would like to suggest you to add good comment system in your blog and….. Do not forget to reply on the comments of your blog….
6 – Copying the Content -
Habit of copying the other bloggers is not going to give any new thing to your readers. So…. Be Original and bring something new to the readers.
7 – Not Communicating with other Bloggers -
If you are not communicating to the other bloggers then this very big mistake. So I would to say this blogging mistakes to avoid by making good relation with other bloggers.
8 – No Quality Only Quantity -
Writing posts to update blog only is not good, if you are not sharing useful information with your readers.
9 – Avoiding Social Media Sites
If bloggers are not doing promotion of the blogs through social media sites, then this will make your blog totally dependent on search engines which will destroy future of your blog…. Because… Google is changing  its strategies month by month. Wise bloggers always try to do this blogging mistakes to avoid.
10 – Not Sharing Personal Experience -
If you are a blogger, then you must share your personal experience and tricks of blogging. If you are not doing this then your blog is not interesting for the readers. Because There is more craze among the readers to know about the personal experience of the bloggers.
All the above mentioned blogging mistakes to avoid by bloggers can improve the blogging experince of the bloggers. These 10 Common mistakes In blogging is written according to my personal experience of blog writing. So I would like to suggest readers to do blogging mistakes to avoid time to time. Thanks for reading these blogging mistakes to avoid . If you like this post, then I would like to request you to share this post in social media sites to make your blogger friends aware about blogging mistakes to avoid. Thank you very much.

15 Alternatives to Google AdSense

Now in these days everyone wants to earn money faster and google adsense is the best way to earn no doubt but some other ad companies are also doing the great job paying for click. I have listed some ad networks. Try these ads networks.For thier approvement your blog should be perffect



• AdBrite - is currently one of the best alternatives there is to Google's adsense. While they do not offer the same large selection of ad formats that Clicksor and Google Adsense provide you they do offer the most commonly used ones. In addition they offer inline page links with have some great click through ratios as well as interstitial full page ads which offer an excellent way to monetize all traffic to your site not just traffic that clicks on your ads. Their payouts are also very competitive. They have more relaxed terms and conditions than Adsense and are much more accepting of smaller publishers including bloggers.

• Bidvertiser - Bidvertiser is an excellent alternative to Google and offers some intriguing ad formats including what they refer to as free design. This lets you specify the look and dimensions of your text ads. While a useful feature I have not investigated how well it works but imagine that while it sounds good on paper it could result in lower priced ads being displayed. I.e. most advertisers will probably want to keep control of the layout of their ads and so turn off support for Free design ads. All the standard ad formats exist, however, and the payouts are excellent. Pop-under ads and XML feeds are also supported.

• Chitika - was founded in 2003 and is the industry's leading impulse merchandising company. Chitika was founded in May 2003 and is based in Massachusetts. Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka) helps web publishers generate revenue using innovative publisher-side advertising and merchandising solutions and services.

• Infolinks - A relative newcomer to the scene Infolinks specializes in In-Text Advertizing. That is it indexes your page looking for keywords and phrases that are not currently links and converts them into advertizing links. When a user places their mouse over the link a box opens up showing the ad. If they click on the link you get paid. It is very simple and works very effectively. The nice part is that you can use Infolinks to compliment an existing advertizing campaign on your website. For example you can show banner ads withAdBrite or Bidvertiser and show text links with Infolinks. Or you can even show text links with both AdBrite and Infolinks together on the same page to maximize your revenue.

• Intellilinks - is a similar service to infolinks above but well worth trying. Intellilinks specializes in placing organic text links across an ever-growing network of websites in order to build rank and traffic for advertisers and increased revenue for publishers. Intellilinksfocuses on providing cutting edge technology, while keeping the network seamless and secure to bring results to their clients and revenue to their publishers.

• Pocket Cents - A relative new comer to the field is Pocket Cents. Pocket Cents has been built from the ground up as a Click Banner provider. Specializing in automatic focus on local markets Pocket Cents offers an intriguing alternative to adsense/adwords. While unlikely to replace your entire creative portfolio, Pocket Cents does off an attractive alternative for banner ads. It could also act as a good alternative ad provider for backfill from one of the larger networks.

• Kontera - works in a similar way to Infolinks above, however, they have been around for much longer. Traditionally it was hard to get accepted by Kontera but they seem to have relaxed their restrictions of late. This is especially true for website publishers and affiliate marketers that do not have high daily page impressions.

• Clicksor - is one of the current leaders of the small publisher Adsense competition. They have payouts upto a market leading 85% and unlike a number of alternatives the cost per click bid values are high enough that you can earn a decent income. They are also, in my experience, much more tollerant than Google. Their terms and conditions suggest that you should only place one copy of their code on a page but as long as you only place a single pop-up or DHTML code on a page they seem happy to let you place many context sensitive ad blocks on a single site.

• Exit Junction - is relatively new and, I believe, a spin off from the now defunct Revenue Pilot. While Revenue Pilot has stopped running, however, Exit Junction is going from strength to strength. Exit Junction offers a unique approach to advertising that is compatible with all the other Ad Networks included Google Adsense. The key to Exit junction is that they focus on showing ads to users as they leave your site rather than as they arrive or as they browse. This approach offers you an additional way to monetize your traffic and also capture ad revenue from those that stumble upon your site from a search engine and then immediately leave.

• Dynamic Oxygen - are a relative newcomer to the field having really only started at the end of 2010. However, they are growing quickly and offer an excellent alternative to the traditional Adsense route. Dynamic Oxygen enables publishers of all sizes to realize their full revenue potential! One of the nice things being that they are not focused purely on the high end, very high turnover publishers but instead cater to sites of all shapes, sizes and popularity. This also includes most international sites. Unlike many ad providers that only cater for US or European traffic, DynamicOxygen supports and pays out for worldwide traffic making it ideal for non-US based publishers.

• - offers content ads, search targeting ads, web bar ads, and mobile ads. You will get your payment after making $100.

• LinkShare -Linkshare is another cool alternative to Google adsense. Linkshare pay at $1, so this can be best to get paid very soon.

• Direct Advertising - Direct advertising is one of the best way to make online money. For direct advertising create advertising page to get direct advertisers. You need to share your site traffic details, pricing details or mode of payment on advertising.

• BuySellAds - is a direct advertisement network. This means you sell ad space on your blog to advertisers. It is one of the largest advertising network of its kind. But it has some restrictions too. You will need to meet the minimum traffic requirements to get approved. BuySellAds will automatically fetch you Google PR and Alexa statistics.

• Adclickmedia - It pays you up to 60% of revenue for PPC ads. Three types of ad formats you can use are photo text ads, Interstitial Ads, banner ads. Interstitial ads are full page ads between pages.

How to Start a Blog with right methods

There is one thing which supports every blog from back side.. that is perfect strategy..
The biggest tips for starting a blog and running it is …. …. Be Determined and Be Creative…
The major habit of all successful bloggers are to follow the latest change according to the changing habits of the readers and most of the successful bloggers share their views on how to start a blog successfully.
I am sharing there tips for starting a blog which I applied and you should follow….
tips for starting a blog

Follow these tips for starting a blog –  My top 8 Advices

Choose the Subject -
First choose the subject to start a blog. Always successful bloggers write blogs on the single subject. You should choose the subject about which you have great knowledge. It is initial tips for starting a blog with a goal.
Remember… You should choose the subject in which there are the posibilities to write new topics every day…
Consider the Budget -
Budget is the very big thing in the blogging. You should make financial planning to run a blog, because in starting you have to run blog without profits.. This tips for starting a blog will help you in running a blog with no financial problems.
Make budget plan to create a blog, its maintinence, promotion cost, running cost etc..
Search attractive name of your Blog -
The name can only be one thing which may be the reason of your success.. So give this a good time to choose and discuss with your firends and others.. I think the name and domain name of your blog should be related to the subject of your blog. This tips for starting blog will help you…. In selecting suitable name for mouth publicity.
Design of Blog for user engagement -
The users engagement depends on the structure and design of the blog. If your blog is very simple in design, then there may be very less chances for the user engagement. So be selective in choosing the design or theme for your blog. This tips for starting a blog will help in earning more from adsesne kind of networks.
Create Useful Content -
The creation of the content is just like fuel of the blog. You content should be subject related and it should have answer of the queries of your readers. This is the most effective tips for starting a blog and running it successfully.
Make social promotion strategies -
Social promotion is another most necessary tips for starting a blog and making it famous after good starting. Try to use social bookmarking plugins and make strategy for social promotion of your blog.
Plan SEO Strategies for Search engine Ranking -
Search engines are the major sources to get direct and targetted traffic to your blog. So I would like to advice you to make strategy fr both on page and off page seo of your blogs. No one can blogger can avoid this tips for starting a blog.
Be Passionate and Patience -
Passion of writing a blog for long time with full patience is very effective and most trusted way for making blogging your career. And in this way you will be able to generate income from your blog for a long time. This is most important tips for  starting blog is be passionate and full of patience.
I applied all the above tips for starting a blog with full passion. I would like to advice begginners to follow these mentioned tips for starting blog successfully. These tips for starting a blog can helps you in killer start up of your blog and speed up your blog.  I always suggest the readers above top 7 tips for starting a blog in right way. I have applied these tips for starting a blog in my this blog.
Share your own tips for starting a blog or your advices in comments below.. Thanks. StaY tuned with Blogging masters to be a Master in blogging. 

How to Select Domain Name for Blog

Choosing a domain name is the first and major step which decides the future of your blog.
Domain  names are the identity of every blog and how to select domain name for blog must be apply on choosing it.
Deciding of domain name of blog is just like to give the name to newly born baby.
I always take help from top blogs which contains guide and how to select domain name for blog.
Great research on the net about domain names of the successful blog is common task of my starting of new blogs.
Here I am sharing the how to select domain name for blog which I always follow to give name to my blog.
Domain name means –
In - is a domain name
Tips to select domain name

How to Select Domain name for Blog

1 – Prefer Dot com Domains
Dot com ( .com) domain name is the most preferable domain name extension. Most of the peoples like to read the sites with dot com domain names. This is my personal study and research.
2 – Search Unique Domain names
Unique name is very important at the time of selection of domain name.
For example – 
Means the name should not already taken by any one in other extension. This will give you original identity in eyes of search engines as well as readers.
3 – Domain Must be Related
Your domain name should be related to the subject of blog.
Example – our domain name name is which gives the readers free blog tips about blogging.
4 – Use Small Domain names
Your domain name should be small of minimum 1 word and maximum 2 words to killer start up. Most of the successful web portals have very small domain name like,, etc.
5 – Meaningful Domain names
Domain name have some meaning and It should be easy to pronunciate and easy to remember.
This will give you mouth publicity for your blog. It is my favourite tips to select domain name for blog.
6 – Domain with Keywords
Use Keyword in your domain name, that will give you high ranking in search of your keyword.
Example – in – Keyword is ‘ Blogging tips ‘ and ‘ Blogging Tricks ‘ .
I always use these above tips to select domain name for my new blogs. I would like to suggest the readers of this post these tips to select domain name to consider at the time of deciding their domain name for new blogs. Most of the peoples who like and apply my recommended tips to select domain name achieve their goal of successful blogs.
Thanks for reading tips to select domain name for blog. StaY tuned with Blogging masters to be a Master in blogging. 

Link Building Techniques

Link building techniques are most effective way of off page optimization of the web pages in the search engines. Every one knows about the link building methods, But success goes to those who do it brilliantly. Bloggers or seo companies which follow the link building techniques according to the changes in Google algorithms. There are lot of penguin updates by Google which every blogger has to follow and change their link building techniques time to time. There are some effective link building techniques which i like to follow most of the time.
link building techniques
                                                                                                                          Image Credit

Most effective Link Building Techniques

1 – Web Directory Submission
This is most traditional among all link building techniques for seo of the web pages or blogs. Bloggers can use top 300 – 400 web directories which has high page rank for the directory submission purpose.

2 – Article Writing & Submission
Write article of up to 500 words fully on page optimized and start submission of that article in High PR top 150 – 200 article directories. This link building techniques gives us the in content back links and targeted traffic also.
3 – Press Release writing & Distribution
At this time press release distribution is the link building techniques which is most loving by Google. After penguin updates Most of the web masters are following this link building method.
4 – Blog Posting & Commenting
Write a unique post and post it the blog posting sites. Use list of high PR blogs and start commenting on those blogs. Blog commenting is the most popular link building techniques among the bloggers.
5 – Start Guest Blog Posting
Write guest posts in other blogs. This is very new and rapidly adopting method for off page seo by the bloggers.
6 – Social Bookmarking -
This link building method is very time saving, this is very easy to do. For the social bookmarking, just take list of high PR 150 – 200 social bookmarking sites and start sharing URL of your blog post in to that.
7 – Micro Blogging -
Micro blog sites is the place where most of the bloggers like to spend their time, because micro blogs gives the huge amount of traffic with the high Pr back links. I always like to share my every post in the micro blogs like twitter. This leads all the link building techniques because for the targeted traffic also.
Classified sites is the place to post an ad with the web pages. This is another link building techniques or method which is less effective but considerable.
9 – Forum Posting
Forum posting is the very traditional link building techniques and very nice places to promote the blogs posts.
10 – Videos Posting
At this time back links from the top videos portals is the major part of the social media optimization and it is the part of link building techniques of the web masters for their websites.
I always like to follow the above mentioned link building techniques which are penguin safe also. Creating back links slowly is the seo friendly link building techniques.
If some one want to get success in the blogging career, then i would like to recommend these link building techniques to follow for the improvement in SERP of your blogs.
Thank you very much. StaY tuned with Blogging masters to be a Master in blogging. 

Uses of High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Most of the seo companies or bloggers mostly use high pr social bookmarking sites list to do bookmarking of the URL of the websites or blogs. We recently updated this high pr social bookmarking sites list in which some are among the most popular social bookmarking sites and some are do follow also. You can use this high PR social bookmarking sites list to make your site bookmarked. This high pr social bookmarking sites list is arranged according to the page rank from high to low.

Best High PR Social Bookmarking sites List
    high pr social bookmarking sites list
  1. PR – 8,
  2. PR – 8,
  3. PR – 8,                                                                                         
  4. PR – 8,
  5. PR – 8,
  6. PR – 8,
  7. PR – 7,
  8. PR – 7,
  9. PR – 7,
  10. PR – 7,
  11. PR – 7,
  12. PR – 7,
  13. PR – 7,
  14. PR – 7,
  15. PR – 7,
  16. PR – 7,
  17. PR – 7,
  18. PR – 6,
  19. PR – 6,
  20. PR – 6,
  21. PR – 6,
  22. PR – 6,
  23. PR – 6,
  24. PR – 6,
  25. PR – 6,
  26. PR – 6,
  27. PR – 6,
  28. PR – 6,
  29. PR – 5,
  30. PR – 5,
  31. PR – 5,
  32. PR – 5,
  33. PR – 5,
  34. PR – 5,
  35. PR – 5,
  36. PR – 5,
  37. PR – 5,
  38. PR – 5,
  39. PR – 5,
  40. PR – 5,
  41. PR – 5,
  42. PR – 5,
  43. PR – 5,
  44. PR – 5,
  45. PR – 5,
  46. PR – 4,
  47. PR – 4,
  48. PR – 4,
  49. PR – 4,
  50. PR – 4,
  51. PR – 4,
  52. PR – 4,
  53. PR – 4,
  54. PR – 4,
  55. PR – 4,
  56. PR – 4,
  57. PR – 4,
  58. PR – 4,
  59. PR – 4,
  60. PR – 4,
  61. PR – 4,
  62. PR – 4,
  63. PR – 4,
  64. PR – 4,
  65. PR – 4,
  66. PR – 4,
  67. PR – 4,
  68. PR – 4,
  69. PR – 4,
  70. PR – 4,
  71. PR – 4,
  72. PR – 4,
  73. PR – 3,
  74. PR – 3,
  75. PR – 3,
  76. PR – 3,
  77. PR – 3,
  78. PR – 3,
  79. PR – 3,
  80. PR – 3,
  81. PR – 3,
  82. PR – 3,
  83. PR – 3,
  84. PR – 3,
  85. PR – 3,
  86. PR – 3,
  87. PR – 3,
  88. PR – 3,
  89. PR – 3,
  90. PR – 2,
  91. PR – 2,
  92. PR – 2,
  93. PR – 2,
  94. PR – 2,
  95. PR – 2,
  96. PR – 2,
  97. PR – 2,
  98. PR – 2,
  99. PR – 2,
  100. PR – 2,
We have updated this latest high PR Social Bookmarking sites list after great research on the net about famous and high traffic social bookmarking sites list. I hope you will take huge benefit from this list, and this high pr social bookmarking sites list will be helpful to improve your social bookmarking experience. The major advantage of this high pr social bookmarking sites list is that we have checked approximately maximum sites in this high pr social bookmarking sites list are active bookmarking sites.
Thank you very much. StaY tuned with Blogging masters to be a Master in blogging.