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Save Time While Writing Your Blog Post (timeless content writing)

Saving Time Why Its Important For Bloggers ?

Quoting the post “Blogs that are focused on news or current events die as soon as the articles stop coming on a consistent basis. If you write timeless content, on the other hand, people will still be reading your blog for months or years after you stop writing as long as the content has some value for them.”No one blogger is interested in reading one or two years blogs posts because it contain old information. That’s why every blogger need to write timeless content in his/her blogs.
Below you will find practical tips for making your content more timeless, regardless of the topic you are writing about.
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Useful Tips to Write Timeless Content

1 – Avoid writing Words which shows Time & Years
When ever we mention month  in title of our blog posts then it is very sure that for a month or two months it will get high attention of the readers but it this will not work for long time.
2 – Avoid Use of Calender
I really know calender help the readers to search posts according to the dates but readers mostly use calenders to search posts which are few days older and they avoid reading your old written posts.
If bloggers writing about the content which is totally focused on dates then it is ok to use Calender in the blogs.
But if bloggers are not writing content which depends on dates then give a kick to Calenders.
Lefting use of the calenders in this way really works good in writing timeless content of your blog.
3 – Remove Monthly Archives
Bloggers use archives to search content, but more than 50 % of bloggers use it to search content which is one or two months old only. They are not interested in searching or reading 3 -4 months old content.
If you want to make your blog which can be searchable for 1 years old content then you must remove monthly archives from your blog themes.
4 – Avoid Dates below Title or end of posts
All WordPress themes have the facility to show the dates below the title of the post or the end of the posts but using the dates is not good technique for writing timeless content.
All bloggers must avoid using dates below title or end of the blog posts to write timeless content.
5 – Choose Ever Green Topics
Brilliant bloggers always write about the trending topics about which readers are really crazy to read it.
It is very good but you should consider some more ways to add with it.
At the time of writing trending content just do sub categorised the same topic and search some more sub titles which may be searchable for long time.
In this way bloggers can write timeless content effectively and by writing timeless content they can keep their content always fresh for readers. Thanks.


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