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Secret Facebook Emoticons for Chat: Uses and Benefits

Facebook is one of the most popular and most widely used social networking sites today. It has millions of members who posts millions of status updates, exchange messages, upload pictures, play games and more everyday. That is why we really can’t deny the fact that Facebook is already a part of our day to day lives. Majority of businessmen are even using it to promote their products that they even buy targeted facebook fans to increase the popularity of their company in this social networking site.
And just like Facebook, the list of emoticons of Facebook will surely be as popular as the emoticons of Yahoo, Skype and others.

So what are emoticons?

Facebook smileys and emoticons are those little graphic faces that you can insert in your messages, chat, etc to express whatever feelings you have. Be it sadness, happiness, excitement, fear, anger, and more, there will surely be an best emoticons smileys for Facebook that you can use.
Using Facebook smileys emoticons in any of your conversations in Facebook can make all the difference. When we talk to another person face to face, we use different body language and tone of voice to express our feelings. Like the pitch of our voice tends to go up when we are upset or mad or we lift our hands in the air in frustration or jump for joy when we are excited. In an online world, the facial gestures and tone changes are not possible and so this is where smileys and emoticons for Facebook will come into picture. These cute graphic faces can show and emphasize your true thoughts and feelings to deliver your full message.
express feelings by facebook smileys

 How can you use these emoticons of Facebook chat?

There are two types of chat emoticons on Facebook that you can use:
  1. Default smiley emoticons on Facebook. These are natively supported Facebook smiley emoticons that have been developed by the Facebook makers. These smiley Facebook emoticons are hidden and there is no tool or icon that you can call up if you want to insert them in your chat session. To use these emoticons, you have to enter the right combination of symbols or letters and Facebook’s system will automatically convert them into smileys emoticons. You can either memorize the codes and symbols or just Google them up every time you want to insert them in your chat conversation.
These proprietary face emoticons on Facebook can’t be used for status messages or wall posts and can only be used in Facebook chat.
Here are some of the hidden smiley face emoticons for Facebook that you can use along with their codes and their meanings:
  • Classic smiley face — :) or:-) This is one of the most commonly used  smiley emoticons. It is used to express happiness or joy.
  • Grin — :D Another cute emoticon to use to show feeling of joy or friendliness.
  • Devil emoticon 3:) This emoticon can be use to convey naughty thoughts.
  • Wink – ;) or;-) Just like the devil emoticon, this emoticon can be use to tease someone in a friendly manner.
  • Heart >3 – To show love or affection to the person you are talking to.
  • Kiss:-*- – Similar to the heart emoticon, this is a great chat emoticons for Facebook to use to express love.
  • Grumpy — >:-(  Feeling of sadness can also be evoked using the grumpy emoticons.
  • Sad — :( or:-( Another emoticon on Facebook to show negative emotions is through the sad graphic icon.
  • Shocked emoticon — :o or:-o or:O This emoticon will express feeling of surprise or shock.
  1. External Emoticons. Facebook also allows external emoticons to be used in their system. These emoticons have been developed by third party programmers and they offer it for free or sometimes with a minimal fee to Facebook users. These smileys emoticons can be used as a browser add-in where Facebook users will be required to download and install the application. This is more convenient for the Facebook user as the app will install a toolbar in the member’s Facebook account that they can simply call up every time they need to use the emoticons.
Often, third-party emoticons are graphically enriched and offer more options like hidden emoticons for different holidays, events and the like. They are also more diverse as they can also be used in Facebook chat, status and wall post.
 These Facebook emoticons bring the user experience in a chat program to a whole new level as it helps to convey and express true feelings and thoughts. This allows people to communicate effectively and make for a more satisfying Facebook chat experience.


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