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Sprint Galaxy Note 2

Sprint Galaxy Note 2 handled in the wild: no release date, pricing or weird branding present

A few days ago Samsung confirmed that five carriers in the U.S. will have the Galaxy Note 2 in stock by mid-November including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. Of those five, Sprint and U.S. Cellular already announced the device, with the latter ready to take pre-orders for the phablet at $299.99 with new two-year contracts.
But neither operator mentioned precise release dates for the device, with Sprint expecting to have the device in stores this fall and U.S. Cellular offering a “late October” launch window.
Sprint went ahead and scheduled a press event in New York City where those attending were actually shown the device, and allowed to play with it. Engadget reports that Sprint’s version is pretty much similar with the international Galaxy Note 2 that we’ve seen, in person, at IFA 2012 in late August.
More importantly, Sprint’s unit did not come with any weird branding, and by that we do mean it hasn’t adorned the Home button with the carrier’s logo, a branding option revealed by a questionable Verizon Galaxy Note 2 leak recently.
Moreover, there’s no Sprint branding on the back of the phone either, although that could change by the time the handset is launched. Ultimately, this shouldn’t be a buying impediment for anyone interested in a Galaxy Note 2 from the carrier.
As for a clear release date and pricing details for Sprint’s first Samsung phablet, carrier representatives were not able to provide an actual answer. They did say the device will come “this holiday season,” without even mentioning the month, or what it will cost.
While you wait for the device to launch with your favorite U.S. carrier – as long as it’s one of the five mentioned above – we’ll remind you that you can still register for our Galaxy Note 2 giveaway and win your phablet long before it launches in America.


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