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Write for TrickY GuRi / Guest post

Image credits :- GuRi

You can Send Guest posts in Doc format to for review.Special Benefit :- 1 Free Back link.

Before Getting Start :- 
Original Content : Not even a line of your post must be copied from other blogs/forum or any other source. Everything must be unique. But you can use images(should not be porn) by uploading to our site during writing.
Porn Content : Porn/sexual/nude content is not allowed.
Spamming : We understand the eagerness of yours in getting back links , But spamming is not allowed. We will credit for your work somehow along with your author Bio below the post. which tells our users about your blog.
No Affiliate Links : Never insert any affiliate links like, host-gator reference, Neobux link etc.
Images and Videos : You can use images and videos to explain what you talk about. One relevant image per post on top of the article is mandatory.

Note : Any violation of the above Terms and Conditions will cause a risk of permanent Ban. We also delete your all posts in such cases and may also take some other steps.


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