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Best Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

One most common habit of every new blogger is that they read other related blogs on daily basis and they always love to follow the top bloggers in their niche. Most of the new bloggers always make search for best bloggers to follow on twitter to be aware about their latest posts created and any news about Blogging.

Bloggers who write blogs about blogging tips always are the first choice of followers to follow because every one wants to become expert blogger just like them. Here I am going to share Some known Top & Best Bloggers to Follow on Twitter Facebook & Google plus.

Top & Best Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

1 – Harsh Agarwal
He is very famous Indian blogger who writes about blogging, social media like Facebook Twitter and Google plus, WordPress guide, seo tips and Ideas to make money from blogging and affiliate programs etc. He leads this list of best bloggers to follow on twitter.
2 – Gur Preet
This is me. I also worth to follow by others because by writing this useful post I am giving very useful information to readers and free promotion to some good bloggers.
My Blog – , Follow me on Twitter , Facebook 
3 – Anil Agarwal
Anil Agarwal is right person among all possible bloggers to follow on twitter. He also writes about same topics just like Harsh Agarwal and Personally I always like to read his blog on daily and weekly basis.
 4 – Kulwant Nagi
Kulwant is also among also very know Indian Best bloggers to follow on Twitter and I am reading his blog regularly from last 1 year. He guide his readers on how to make their blogs better day by day.
5 – Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar is one of my new friend who is recently connected with me on Facebook he is also among from those good bloggers to follow on Twitter who are doing some good in the field of blogging and they continously teach others about blogging.
All are among from good top and best bloggers to follow on twitter, I follow them and you can also follow them.
If any blogger want to be in this list of best bloggers to follow on twitter then they can mention them in comments below with their Twitter Profile.


  1. There are many top bloggers that we must to follow. And the list you provide here is really clear and crisp.

    1. thanx ankit bro ur comment means a lot to me .. keep commenting bro ...