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how i can prepare for ntse class 10?

A few guiding tips from our side.
1. please spend time on practicing MAT: MAT is given 50% weigthage in NTSE but a common mistake we make is that we do not give it sufficient preparation time. so practice a lot of MAT problems and have variety e.g. number systems, orientation, picture puzzles, missing numbers, pattern recognition etc

2. Prepare for SAT from your class 6 to 10 syllabus. you do not need to go over board by preparing for class 11th etc. That is not the best use of your time. Just review what has already been covered. Give special attention to class 9 and 10 topics.

3. SAT has 3 parts. Social Science (including history, civics, geography, economics and general awareness) gets 40% weight. Science (including physics, chemistry and biology gets another 40%. The remaining 20% weightage is given to Maths.

We suggest that you visit and click on "learn more about ntse" tab. you would find some very useful articles about ntse preparation here.


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