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How To Update Web Design Using WordPress

If you cannot recall the last time you changed your web design, then it is definitely time to make an upgrade to a fresh and appealing new design. This used to be a grueling and time-consuming process that involved making a new site from scratch or changing the existing code and hoping nothing went wrong. Custom designed websites have their advantages, but being easy to update definitely isn't one of them. Thankfully, there is an excellent alternative that will suit the needs of almost any website. WordPress is becoming the most popular content management platform of all time, and they are making custom designed sites virtually obsolete. Almost a quarter of all new websites are built using the WordPress platform.

One of the most important features of using WordPress is the capability to update your design any time you want. The best thing is that updating and changing the site doesn't disrupt any of your existing pages or content. All the images, texts, videos and other content on your blog or website will remain intact no matter what type of web design overhaul you do to the site. You can easily swap the design theme or add new plugins to include new functions without having to disrupt what's already in place.

Changing the Theme

The easiest way to make a big impact to the overall design aesthetic is to replace your existing  premium WordPress templates with something different. An upgraded design or even just a fresh new template of colors will give your site a lovely new appearance. Your visitors and readers will definitely get tired of your theme over time, so it helps to choose a new theme every few years or so to keep things current. Function aside, the most important factor of web design is the overall aesthetic of your site. WordPress makes it easy to change the look whenever you want. Just be sure not to change things too often, or you risk irritating some of your longstanding customers and followers who have gotten used to seeing a certain design theme when they visited your page.

Adding New Features

When you first build your own blog or website, you probably started with a small and simple design. A simple blog page is enough to begin with, but once your blog or website takes off, you will probably want to add new features to the site. Maybe your written blogs have become so popular that you have decided to add premium paid content to your site. If this is the case, you will need to add plug-ins to set up an online store. You might also want to put in a portfolio of your best content. All of these features can be easily added to your web design with the simple addition of a few WordPress plugins.

Make Your Site More Interactive

WordPress makes it easy to add in a comments section to your posts, or even an entire forum for you and your readers or followers to interact. As your website grows, you should still focus on trying to provide a high level of service to your followers. With more people on your site, this gets harder and harder to do. Encourage people to interact with you on the site, which will help to establish a more personal connection between you and your followers. WordPress makes it easy to add new functions that make it easy for you to interact with them and them to interact with you. The biggest advantage of using WordPress to make your website is that it has the ability to grow with you and your business.

Guest Author :-
Anny Solway is a dedicated writer at ThemeFuse – a leader in the premium WordPress themes area. She likes to discover new ideas about internet marketing, social media and blogging.

Choose Evergreen Topics To Run Lifetime Profitable Blogs

Searching evergreen Topic and creating blogs on it gives the bloggers to lifetime career stability.
If you are running your blog on any evergreen Topic then I would like to suggest you to be tension free for your future.
In the field of blogging running blog actively for long time makes you the king in your blogging category.
And If you have choosen the evergreen Topic for your blogging which will never become old, then you have chosen the right way.
Some bloggers make their blogs on the topics which are highly trending today but will not for tomorrow, By doing this they get only temporary success which has no future.
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But Here I am going to guide you how to choose evergreen niche to run lifetime profitable blogs.

Evergreen Topic – Identify the Characters of it.

Every Topic has its own symptoms which shows it is just the rain of season or permanent sun light.
1 – Common Problems -
Search which are the common problems of every second or third person and due to specially lifestyle and by natural habits.
Just like Weight Loss, Fitness problems can be consider as the very common problem of every third person in the world.
I want to disclose you I also read weight loss tips on various blogs to reduce my weight by doing less efforts.
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2 – Think about the Entertainment
Entertainment is the thing which was in strong demand before 20 years ago and will also be demanding for coming 20 years.
So blogs on movies, videos, dancing and celebrities will always entertain the readers, therefore entertainment can also be considered ad evergreen Topic for blogging business.
3 – Which are the Needs of every one forever
Need of hunger, safety, career and stability will always be trending according to my thoughts.
Because of continously increse in the population in the world, common needs related blogs will always on demanding.
Just like money related advices, education related guide and future safety tips related blogs will work forever.
So if you have good knowledge about these topics your blog on this evergreen Topics is going to succeed.
4 – Gender Specific Topics
Women, yes the most targeted audience of the companies to sell their products easily.
As we compare the life of men & women then we find that women have more phases in their life.
So women related niche Just like beauty product review, Pregnancy tips, better home tricks and Women empowerment can be considered best evergreen Topics for blogging.
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5 – Focus on Advance Technology
Before many years ago peoples were not aware from the laptops, but it came, after that tablets came and I am dam sure this trend will continue…
Same case applies for cars & other technology based products like all home appliances.
So if you are running your blog on topics based on technology then you have chosen right evergreen niche which is profitable also in terms of income.
Because every wants to use the products of latest technology and this crazyness will never end.

I have covered almost all important ideas about evergreen niche to start blogs to run it for long time.
Evergreen Topics gives not only long term view but short term profits also, So don’t avoid it.
If you have any view abou evergreen Topics then please share below in comments.

Save Time While Writing Your Blog Post (timeless content writing)

Saving Time Why Its Important For Bloggers ?

Quoting the post “Blogs that are focused on news or current events die as soon as the articles stop coming on a consistent basis. If you write timeless content, on the other hand, people will still be reading your blog for months or years after you stop writing as long as the content has some value for them.”No one blogger is interested in reading one or two years blogs posts because it contain old information. That’s why every blogger need to write timeless content in his/her blogs.
Below you will find practical tips for making your content more timeless, regardless of the topic you are writing about.
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Useful Tips to Write Timeless Content

1 – Avoid writing Words which shows Time & Years
When ever we mention month  in title of our blog posts then it is very sure that for a month or two months it will get high attention of the readers but it this will not work for long time.
2 – Avoid Use of Calender
I really know calender help the readers to search posts according to the dates but readers mostly use calenders to search posts which are few days older and they avoid reading your old written posts.
If bloggers writing about the content which is totally focused on dates then it is ok to use Calender in the blogs.
But if bloggers are not writing content which depends on dates then give a kick to Calenders.
Lefting use of the calenders in this way really works good in writing timeless content of your blog.
3 – Remove Monthly Archives
Bloggers use archives to search content, but more than 50 % of bloggers use it to search content which is one or two months old only. They are not interested in searching or reading 3 -4 months old content.
If you want to make your blog which can be searchable for 1 years old content then you must remove monthly archives from your blog themes.
4 – Avoid Dates below Title or end of posts
All WordPress themes have the facility to show the dates below the title of the post or the end of the posts but using the dates is not good technique for writing timeless content.
All bloggers must avoid using dates below title or end of the blog posts to write timeless content.
5 – Choose Ever Green Topics
Brilliant bloggers always write about the trending topics about which readers are really crazy to read it.
It is very good but you should consider some more ways to add with it.
At the time of writing trending content just do sub categorised the same topic and search some more sub titles which may be searchable for long time.
In this way bloggers can write timeless content effectively and by writing timeless content they can keep their content always fresh for readers. Thanks.

Checklist On Choosing Right Website Design Company

In this internet age, it's very important to have a presence online. What's even more important is to have a good looking website! Choosing the best website design company is extremely important for your site.Creating websites is a tricky process; it takes time and need hard work that can be expected from professional website designing companies only.In this article having title as checklist on choosing good website design company will help the readers in knowing useful checklist for the selection of best website design company. Such checklist are as follows:

Understand goals of having website: The very first thing is to understand goals of having site for your company. Individuals are required to make clear of things like why website is required? Is there need of selling something?Who is the target audience? Who are the main competitors? How soon it is required to have a website? Many more questions are there which are needed to be cleared.

Never Underestimate the role of planning in website design: Decisions should be made after considering different options. Careful and detailed planning is essential when designing a website for your company.  Before granting the project to a website design company, you should plan carefully about what you are hoping to achieve from your company's website.

Choose the right website design company:Choosing the right website design company will be one of the most important steps for your website to succeed on the internet .You should choose the right website design company if you are looking to launch a professional looking website.
A professional website design company will authorize you to own an attractive & unique website that can help to establish your identity on internet.

Choose the right domain name for your comapny:  Choosing the right domain name is important, even critical, in positioning and branding your website. In this digital age, domain names are central to all online activity and businesses should take careful consideration when making their choice.The best domain name is the one that reflects your business name. This helps in creating brand awareness and a professional image.
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Search engine optimization:Search engine optimization will be required if you are serious about building a successful website. You will need to invest time in performing various tasks on a frequently. Every business with a Web site should make Search Engine Optimization -- trying to get your site as high up as possible on Google and Bing search-results pages.

It is not enough to simply add Meta tags and do search engine submission of your  company's website to a million search engine indexes and directories. The first placement tip in obtaining significant Web traffic counts is to seek first-page search engine results. An early step is to build a great content-rich site. One of the last steps is the proper submission of your great company;s website to the search engines or directories. In the middle is a step that is VITAL if you want to obtain front-page results. Most site owners bypass this step because they forget about it or think it is too complex, but without competent search engine optimization Web site services you are destined to become search engine fodder.
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Conclusion: Thus, with reference to checklist on choosing right website design company, individuals through above discussed tips can get help in having a website they are satisfied with.

Best Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

One most common habit of every new blogger is that they read other related blogs on daily basis and they always love to follow the top bloggers in their niche. Most of the new bloggers always make search for best bloggers to follow on twitter to be aware about their latest posts created and any news about Blogging.

Bloggers who write blogs about blogging tips always are the first choice of followers to follow because every one wants to become expert blogger just like them. Here I am going to share Some known Top & Best Bloggers to Follow on Twitter Facebook & Google plus.

Top & Best Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

1 – Harsh Agarwal
He is very famous Indian blogger who writes about blogging, social media like Facebook Twitter and Google plus, WordPress guide, seo tips and Ideas to make money from blogging and affiliate programs etc. He leads this list of best bloggers to follow on twitter.
2 – Gur Preet
This is me. I also worth to follow by others because by writing this useful post I am giving very useful information to readers and free promotion to some good bloggers.
My Blog – , Follow me on Twitter , Facebook 
3 – Anil Agarwal
Anil Agarwal is right person among all possible bloggers to follow on twitter. He also writes about same topics just like Harsh Agarwal and Personally I always like to read his blog on daily and weekly basis.
 4 – Kulwant Nagi
Kulwant is also among also very know Indian Best bloggers to follow on Twitter and I am reading his blog regularly from last 1 year. He guide his readers on how to make their blogs better day by day.
5 – Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar is one of my new friend who is recently connected with me on Facebook he is also among from those good bloggers to follow on Twitter who are doing some good in the field of blogging and they continously teach others about blogging.
All are among from good top and best bloggers to follow on twitter, I follow them and you can also follow them.
If any blogger want to be in this list of best bloggers to follow on twitter then they can mention them in comments below with their Twitter Profile.

Tips To Keep Visitors Coming Back To Your Blog

Many bloggers would say that getting traffic to your blog is the most difficult part for a blogger but I can tell you that retaining the traffic and visitor you have built over time is even more difficult than getting them.
Most people would visit your blog for the first time and they would not return to your blog again, and that’s one visitor you just lost.

There are tips and basic traffic retaining secrets you can implement in order to keep people coming back to your blog for more. Yes I mean what I just said.
I remember when I started out blogging, I used to get lots of visitors to my blog but my problem was keeping them glued to my blog. I tried writing more often thinking this was the solution as most newbie blogger would think, but it never helped me in retaining my blogs traffic.
In this article, i’ll guide you through my secrets to getting repeat visitors to my blog. If you can apply my various strategies which I would be listing below, you would notice a drastic change in the way your traffic would grow and this time the repeat traffic.

5 Ways To Get Repeat Traffic To Your Blog

1. Write Detailed and Lengthy Posts

One thing most people respect about a blogger is the way he or she writes their article. Visitors tend to have this feeling of coming back to any blog that gives them a solution to their problems, and not just a solution to their problem but in a detailed and self expository manner.
I don’t necessarily mean that your blog post must be lengthy, but it must be detailed enough to give solution to the reader and this in turn would be a tool to encourage the reader to come back next time on your blog for more.

2. Newsletters List Forms Positioning

When designing your blog’s theme, try to turn your first time readers into your list in order to get repeat traffic to your blog by placing your Newsletter Opt in form below post.
You might wonder why most blog’s you visit put a subscribe to Newsletter form below post content, here is the reason. After a new visitor goes through reading a blog post on your blog, if you truly obeyed the first rule above as I said (Write Detailed and lengthy Posts), the new reader, out of excitement that he or she found the solution to a given problem or a nicely written article on your blog would likely opt in for your Newsletter List if the form is placed at the bottom. Now you see why you need to place a Subscribe to List form below your post.
With your list, you can in subsequent times send out Newsletter with links to your articles and get  those visitors coming back to your blog to read.

3. Social Media Story Telling

Just like the newsletter opt in forms, also find positions where to place your fanbox and other social networks connection so as to get a nice turn in to your social connections. Now here is how to get them to come back to read your articles.
After you make a new post on your blog, write an interesting story on your social media page, for instance write a story on your facebook fanpage related to the post you just published and give them a link to complete the story or post on your blog. Out of curiosity, most social media fan would click through the link to your blog in order to read the full post. This is one great tip to get repeat traffic to your blog.

    4. Create New Article From Questions By Commentators

    Some people who leave a comment on your blog might ask a question on something related to the article, one thing I do in such cases is create a new article that suits the question, now I reply to the comment on my blog with a link to the newly written article. With the help of Send email only on Reply to My Comment Plugin, they would receive a mail concerning the reply, and once the are on my blog to read the reply, the follow the link to the new article. This is a simple trick to keep them coming back to your blog.

    Now Your Turn

    These are simple laid down rules I follow to keep visitors coming back to my blog or get repeat traffic or as you might call it. I hope you implement this tips in order to get the best.
    What are your views? Let us know using the comment box below.

    Tips to Increase RSS Feed Subscribers - 15 Quick Tips

    When websites were invented, people found that it took a lot of time to visit all their favourite sites regularly just to check for any changes.   It was frustrating for sites that don't change often.  It was hard to spot changes in big sites.   And web-site owners realised that some people simply wouldn't remember to check back anyway.

    A few approaches were created to solve this problem.  One is RSS ("really simple syndication"), which is based on the idea that
    • Websites are set up so that every time they are updated, they "publish a feed" of what's new, and
    • People who are interested in websites use "feed reader" software to check if the sites they are interested in have new material, and
    • Feed aggregator tools sit in the middle and keep track of what websites have published and what sites individual people are interested in what updates they have read so far.
    Blogs that are made with Blogger are really just another type of website, so to work with RSS they needed a way to "publish a feed" of new material when posts are added.

    The approach that Google originally used for Blogger involves "Atom" format.  The "Subscribe to Posts (atom)" link that appears on the bottom of most Layout and Designer templates is saying
     "Here's a link for your feed-reader to use, in our Atom format".
    This works, but as I've said, it's ugly and not so obvious for non-Blogger-users.  The rules used to publish feeds on the internet have developed over time and different ways of organising the data in "feeds" (eg Atom 2.0, XML) have been adopted.  And website publishers have begun to look for more features in their feeds and in the statistics they get about who reads them.
    Before describing all possible ways to Increase RSS Feed Subscribers here, first we have to discuss why more and more subscribers we need and what are the importance of it in our blogging career

    Importance of RSS Feed Subscribers

    1. RSS Feed subscribers helps bloggers for permanent survival.
    2. RSS Feed subscribers gives high income opportunity for bloggers.
    3. RSS Feed subscribers bring readers back to your blog.
    4. RSS Feed subscribers give high and regular traffic to the websites or blogs.

    Tips to Increase RSS Feed Subscribers on Daily Basis

    Most of the tips below, I am using on my blog to Increase RSS Feed Subscribers of your blog.
    1 – Use RSS Icon Intelligently
    Brilliant bloggers use RSS icon in that way by which they get more outcome with their little efforts of using RSS Icon in their blogs. Follow these tips to place RSS Icon on your blog to boost RSS Feed Subscribers easily.

    1. Use big RSS Icon on your blog.
    2. Place RSS Icon in most visible location of your blog.
    3. Try Ready made themes which has clear RSS Icon in its design just like Fresh life Theme which we are using in this blog.
    RSS Feed Subscribers
    2 – Use Email Subscription Form       
    Adding email subscription form let the readers of your blog to subscribe easily by putting their email directly into email subscription form.
    Remember.. Easy email subscription opportunity encourage readers more to subscribe by their emails and become RSS Feed Subscribers of your blogs.
    3 – Ask Your Readers to Subscribe 
    Appeal always works better in every case of blogging. If you are not asking your readers to subscribe to your blog then there are very less chances for your readers to become RSS Feed Subscribers of your blog.
    You should write some interesting words in appealing language and this will results your blog to magically Improvement in RSS Feed Subscribers count of your blog.
    4 – Offer Free E-book kind of Rewards
    You can offer free E – book download to your readers after being register and active RSS Feed Subscribers of your blog.
    Most of the successful bloggers are applying this technique and they are getting increase in the RSS Feed Subscribers very rapidly of their blogs.
    5 – Offer Monthly Discount Coupon Codes
    You can give the opportunity to readers of your blog to get huge discount coupon codes about the common used products for blogs or websites. I know every blogger want to buy must use blogging products at cheap rates.
    You can offer discount coupon codes for Web Hosting, Premium WordPress themes and plugins etc for your email subscribers. All interested readers will definitely become RSS Feed Subscribers instantly.
     6 – Clear Focus on Single Topic Blogging
    It is highly recommended for all bloggers to write and focus on single topic on your blog, Multitopic blogs always fails to gain more RSS Feed Subscribers.
    Consider one thing, If you are interested to learn about blogging, then you will not feel good when you receive email alerts about fashion and sports.
    By subscribing on single topic blogs, Readers will receive email for their targeted interest topics, In this way by running single topic blogs or Micro Niche Blogs, bloggers will gain more & more RSS Feed Subscribers of your blog.
    7 – Publish Posts Regularly & Frequently
    I always feel that most of the time readers like to subscribe to those blogs, who undated many times in a week. Personally I will not subscribe to those blog who updated once or twice in a month.
    If bloggers write & publish posts on daily basis then there will be more possibilities to increase in RSS Feed Subscribers of your blog.
    8 – Write Useful Content
    It is my thought before subscribing to any blog that It should contain useful information in it.
    I don’t want to get email alerts in my Inbox with useless content or information.
    Writing useful & informative content in your blog may give you lot of RSS Feed Subscribers to your blog.
    9 – Guide Peoples through RSS Feeds
    Offer your readers some special guidance and some secret and useful information about related topic of your blog through RSS Feeds of your blog.  This will lead to sure more number of RSS Feed Subscribers easily.
    10 – Use Pop-ups to encourage subscription
    It is highly addopted way to increase subscribers of blog posts. Various successful bloggers are using it and they are very satisfied by using pop-ups subscription form to Increase RSS Feed Subscribers of their blogs.
    11 – Use RSS Feed Directories
    RSS Feed directories are very less discussed but most effective place to get lot of RSS Feed Subscribers.
    You can submit your blog RSS for free in these RSS Feed directories.
    These RSS Feed directories are really helpful for bloggers to introduce their RSS Feeds in front of other blogger, this will engourage others to become your RSS Feed Subscribers of your blog.
    12 – Exchange RSS Feed Subscription
    Search your niche related posts which has same repuation status like your blog, just ask them to subscribe to your blog and in exchange you must subscribe to their blogs.
    Exchange in RSS Feed Subscription will lead more RSS Feed Subscribers of your blog and your fellow bloggers.
    13 – Ask Them to Verify their email address
    Some of the email subscribers just subscribe and do not confirm their email addresses, this is incomplete subscription process.
    You must write some guide points which encourage subscribers to  activate their emaill addresses to complete their subscription process.
    14 – Add Tick Box Near Comment System
    Add tick box near comment system and make it by default ticked to offer monthly or weekly newslatter of your blogs.
    By commenting on your blogs, in this way you will fina automatically increase in RSS Feed Subscribers of you blog.
    15 – Drive New Traffic to Your Blog
    Try to get new traffic to your blog by all possible ways like blog commenting, guest blogging and by using some pay per click advertising networks.
    Because there are more chances for every new visitor to become RSS Feed Subscribers of your blogs. If you know some more ways to boost RSS Feed Subscribers of blogs then please share below in Comments.
    Thank you very much.